Saturday, 7 January 2012

Day Three

So obviously have decided against the clever titles or even chronologically correct titles, oh well, perhaps it means I'm putting all that cleverness into the body of the text.  I know.  Not so far.  Stick with it, you never know I might surprise you.

Had a very interesting few days.  Yesterday I met with someone who made me feel 'unsaved' as a good friend of mine says.  I guess that means that I really wanted to bash him over the head with a wet kipper but, as it was a work meeting, I wasn't allowed to which, as anyone who knows me will tell you, really does go against all my natural urges.  I am a creature of impulse usually and I don't seem to be getting any better with age though, it seems, I am learning to chanel those impulses, for example I had a lot of fun on the Wii sport boxing thingy last night! lol.

Something very strange is going on with my brain though, I'm choosing to call it burgening creativity rather than complete madness.  During December I didn't have time to breathe (much like most other women I know) and I really didn't have anytime to devote to my story, witness the fact that I wrote about 6 words all month.  I was beginning to worry the story had evaporated but with only three weeks left at work the story is back with avengence.  I have to write again otherwise it fills my every waking moment and invades my dream.  Let me tell you a dream about the Greenbelt Festival intersperced with images from a science fiction thriller is a very weird dream in deed!  So I'm now 38,784 words in, having managed another 1,911 words today and hoping I have done enough to clear my dream world.  I am beginning to suspect where J K Rowling got her idea for the remembril from!

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